Stu Burns

About Stu Burns

Stu Burns has been gardening professionally for over 20 years, growing indigenous plants and edibles with equal passion. A former lecturer for the University of Melbourne at Burnley college, he taught a broad range of science and practical horticulture subjects. He is a horticultural consultant for domestic and commercial landscapes (trading as Garden Doctor Consulting), a presenter on Melbourne's Radio 3CR, and blogs at Garden Doctor, where he gives practical gardening advice and discusses broader contemporary issues affecting horticulture, agriculture and ecology.

Putting down roots

I bought some plants by mail order the other day and they arrived, carefully wrapped, and each sitting in their own individual grow bag, and seem to have survived the journey okay. I have no idea where I will plant them, these babies are Bunya “pines” or Araucaria bidwillii, that will grow gigantic cones sometimes over 10 KG in size, and reach a height of possibly up to 45 metres. I say possibly because there are a lot of things that can go wrong when transplanting trees that can make the tree fail, a nice way of saying die, before they get very large. Continue reading

This farming man – Joel Salatin

There are a lot of problems with industrialised farming; over-use of chemicals, unsustainable reliance on mined or manufactured fertiliser, habitat destruction and soil erosion. This is to name just a few of the most serious issues facing food producers. There are at least as many solutions offered by proponents of alternative methods of farming, and many success stories to demonstrate that some of these methods work in some places for some people. Continue reading