Terry Hatch

About Terry Hatch

Terry Hatch and his family have collected plants from all around the world which they grow at their Joy Plants nursery in Pukekohe, New Zealand. They also offer ecological assessment and re-vegetation of wetland and native bush areas in some of the harshest climates in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s treasure chest of native plants for hedges

It is very obvious that many of the selections of hedge plants introduced into New Zealand over the years have become environmental disasters – gorse, privet, acmena, and berberis to name just a few. And there are others, like Buxus, which I’m sure you all love. But it has a dreadful smell, the smell of cat’s piss after rain. It also gets rust, a lovely rust which makes it go nice and red, but people keep planting it and it dies off and they plant another lot. Continue reading