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Contributing a ‘guest’ blog post – a guide for PR and marketing companies


GardenDrum will publish a post that promotes your client’s product or company to its large online audience but there are few requirements you need to know about first.

  1. GardenDrum only publishes paid promotions, with a few exceptions for charities, and some not-for-profit companies. If you want to see an explanation of why we don’t publish free promotional editorial for businesses, click HERE.
  2. Paid promotions are priced at a realistic commercial rate that covers several professional hours of production and publication time for each post. There’s no discount for job lots.
  3. GardenDrum doesn’t accept paid links either on its links page or inserted into previously published material.
  4. Sponsored posts need to be original words, photos or other media.
  5. Sponsored posts must be about a subject area of interest to GardenDrum’s audience.
  6. Sponsored posts should be around 600-1000 words and accompanied by at least 4-5 appropriate images. Videos and audio recordings are also welcome.
  7. GardenDrum will not publish posts promoting environmentally-unfriendly products, including synthetic lawn and some pesticides.
  8. Sponsored posts must be written by someone with an appropriate qualification or knowledge base in horticulture, gardening or landscaping. Note that GardenDrum does not publish generic text written by unqualified contributors.
  9. Sponsored posts need to have information that’s factual, interesting and well-researched. If you make any claims about a product, you will need to back it up with credible proof.
  10. In general, posts on GardenDrum are published as from an individual, requiring an author name, avatar and short 80-100 word bio.
  11. Sponsored posts must be written in competent English. They can also be published in an additional language if required.


To inquire about GardenDrum’s paid promotional opportunities, fill out the contact form below with all your details, and we will send you a GardenDrum Advertising Pack.

NOTE that there are several required fields so you may need to assemble some information before you can complete it, such as the subject area of your proposed guest post, and who will write it, including her/his garden-writing credentials. If you don’t have a suitable writer, I will be able to recommend a professional horticulture industry writer for you.

Karen Shaw
curator | editor

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