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Clever courtyard design

Whether you’re a down-sizing baby-boomer or a young 20-something couple just starting out, a small courtyard may be your only outside space – for dining, entertaining, plant growing, clothes drying and, perhaps, playing as well. Whether you’ve had a courtyard for a while and just not been able to figure out what to do with it, or if you’re in a panic, having just arrived from a big garden and thought “how can I make a garden I love in this space?”, I have some inspiration for you here. Continue reading

Designing small gardens

Trying to put all your garden needs and loves into one small space is no easy task. As a designer, I found that everyone’s wish lists remain pretty constant, regardless of the size of the backyard/block/allotment/yard we were looking at. Places to eat, cook and entertain, places for play and sanctuary, places to grow vegies and flowers, plus all the standard utilities of clothes drying and storage for bins, tools and bikes. Continue reading

Designing garden paths

Exploring a good garden is life’s candy for me. I look forward to arriving at each interesting and beautiful part of that garden, to see where I could rest, play or entertain. But if you concentrate too hard on the prize, you might forget about how you get there, which should be just as big a part of the garden experience.

Continue reading

Geometry lesson

A garden space is the open void in which you sit or stand, so it describes the shape of things like lawn or paving on the ground plane, as well as the vertical space enclosed by pergolas, awnings and overhanging trees. Voids, especially ground plane shapes, are probably the most noticeable thing about a garden, as our eye registers their layout and limits more than that of the masses around them. Continue reading

Shrubs – your garden’s backbone

A few years ago, I was out and about on one of my regular walks through my local suburbs. There’s lots of wonderful gardens around here, and I would always slow down to check out one in particular, as there was always something new to see when my route went by it every few weeks or so. It’s a garden around an old-style home garden, and there was a deep front bed filled with lots of small to quite large shrubs in a somewhat haphazard but still very pleasing combination, with a rhythm of shapes from small and rounded to tall and vase shaped and lower and spreading. Continue reading

Designing plant pictures

When you see a great garden, you’ll usually find that it combines well-proportioned spaces for you to be in, with good plant pictures. By that I mean putting plants together using the same techniques that an artist uses to make an appealing picture – foreground and background, Continue reading