GardenDrumThe most expensive tree in the world?

Ficus retusa, Pacific Place, Central, Hong Kong

Ficus retusa, Pacific Place, Central, Hong Kong

The most expensive tree in the world?

Banyon Tree preserved amid development

Banyan Tree preserved amid development

A Banyan Tree (Ficus retusa) in the Central district of Hong Kong has been protected from surrounding construction at a cost of HK$23,890,227 (around AUS$3.2m). It is believed to have been planted in 1870 as part of the British Military Forces Victoria Barracks. Part of the preservation process was a cylindrical structure measuring 18m diameter by 10m deep to contain the roots.


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6 thoughts on “The most expensive tree in the world?

  1. Google ‘Burnside Village gum tree’ and you’ll find one that beats it I think. The shopping centre extension was designed aroung retaining a 100 year old river Red Gum, at enormous expense. It is now inside the shopping centre, and even though they supposedly created the right environment for the poor tree it is dying an agonising death, which was inevitable.

    • I can see what you mean. A lot of time, effort and money has been spent to no avail it seems. What a situation…. thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Saving old trees is worth it, especially when big corporations/developers pay for it. I can’t help it: Ficus retusa is an old synonym for this taxon: should be Ficus macrocarpa… and Banyan is not spelt Banyon.

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