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Privacy Policy

GardenDrum.com is a website owned by Karen L Shaw ABN 57 640 563 093


GardenDrum respects the privacy of its readers and Registered Users.

The GardenDrum website collects and stores personal information through: google analytics, sharing links and user accounts.

GardenDrum will protect any personal information you disclose during registration or when you use the website and will not sell or exchange or give away that information to any third party. Any personal information collected is only used for identification purposes, or if we need to contact you directly.


Digest Email

When you sign up for the GardenDrum  digest email you will receive an email containing information about new content on GardenDrum. You can unsubscribe from this email at any time – just click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email, or click a separate link to update your email address.

Occasionally (maximum 4 times per year), GardenDrum will also send you a promotional email about a sponsored competition. As a thank you to GardenDrum’s supporters, this competition information will only be sent to those receiving the Digest Email.


Terms and Conditions of Use

When you access or use the GardenDrum website, you signify that you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions of Use. This applies to all users of the GardenDrum site, including those who register and those who do not.

We may change these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without notice and these changes will be posted as new Terms and Conditions of Use. If you continue to use GardenDrum, then that constitutes an acceptance of the new terms.



All material on GardenDrum is copyright protected everywhere in the world, including all words, images, sound files and videos. So you can share what you enjoy on GardenDrum with other gardeners, we’re using a Creative Commons 3.0 licence for our content which you can read about here. This allows you to share GardenDrum content but with some important limitations. For example you must attribute the work (text, photos, videos or sound files) to its author and to GardenDrum, and you cannot use any GardenDrum material for commercial purposes.

NOTE: a publication, whether it is in digital or print form that is ‘non-profit’, ‘not-for-profit’ or for a charity is not necessarily non-commercial. If you derive any income from your publication, eg from advertising or sponsorship, then it is a commercial enterprise and you must seek and obtain permission before you can republish any of GardenDrum’s material. (Contact GardenDrum)

Under Australian copyright law, Creative Commons 3.0 Licence does not extinguish authors’ moral rights, which include protection from their work being used in any way that may negatively impact on their character or reputation. Read more about Author’s Moral Rights here.


Comments and submitting words or photographs to GardenDrum

GardenDrum is only for your personal, non-commercial use. You warrant that any comment, photograph or other material you submit is your original work and does not infringe the rights or copyright or the privacy of any third party.

GardenDrum retains the right to edit, delete or reject any comment or material you submit. When you submit material, you grant GardenDrum a perpetual, non-exclusive world-wide licence to use any part or all of that material. You may remove any material you have submitted by contacting GardenDrum.

You must agree that you will not:

– collect the email addresses or contact details of any site user or author for sending any unsolicited email

– have more than one User Account

– misrepresent yourself or impersonate any other person

– use the GardenDrum website in any way that might damage or overburden it

– submit any posts, photographs or other material that is offensive, defamatory, abusive or fraudulent or include any link to a website or other online content that is offensive, defamatory, abusive or fraudulent

– submit any posts that infringe the privacy of any user, author or third party

– use the GardenDrum website to submit advertising material, spam, chain letters and junk mail


GardenDrum content

Content and opinions on the GardenDrum website are those of the individual author or registered user or commenter, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of GardenDrum.

All GardenDrum users must check that any advice, recommendation or comment given by any author or Registered User (website content) or Commenter is suitable for their specific conditions and not contrary to any law in their home country, state or county. Specifically, users should check that any pesticide or herbicide recommendation is legal in their home country, state or county, as the legally permitted use for any chemical will vary.

GardenDrum does not take responsibility for any action, inaction or use you make of the content of the GardenDrum website. You must assess and bear all risks associated with the accuracy or usefulness of any recommendations, advice or comments.


Breach of Terms and Conditions of Use

GardenDrum retains the right to terminate your User Account if you have breached these Terms and Conditions of Use