Adam WoodhamsUpcycled BBQ trolley to DIY potting bench

I hate waste and wasted opportunities so when I saw an old timber BBQ trolley on a kerbside throwout I started thinking about ways to reuse and ‘upcycle’ it into something useful for my garden like a timber potting bench, which is already the right height and can be easily moved about where you need it. It’s a bit of testament to modern manufacturing when the natural timber of the trolley long outlasts the metal manufactured component, isn’t it?

In my video I’m going to show you how to upcycle this old timber BBQ trolley into a handy timber potting bench using either scrap materials, or about $20 worth of bought materials.

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Adam Woodhams

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Multimedia communicator in garden, lifestyle and horticulture, regular contributor to garden magazines, presenter on Better Homes and Gardens radio and Garden Gurus TV. Sydney, NSW

4 thoughts on “Upcycled BBQ trolley to DIY potting bench

    • I know, crazy isn’t it Jeff how willing we can be to throw even large things out. My first one was in fact a BBQ we owned that infuriated me.
      Years ago we’d paid a motza for a supa-dupa stainless steel BBQ as we lived near the beach at that time. Problem was the guts of it were all regular metal so the internals all rusted out in under 2 years. I looked at replacing the parts & it would have cost more than buying the BBQ new!
      As the trolley was in perfect condition I held onto it for ages in the back of the garage as I couldn’t bring myself to throw out this really well-made hardwood trolley & then finally inspiration struck & I made my first conversion 🙂

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