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Looking out into Noelene and Ian’s rooftop garden makes me want to move in with them. Designed by Peter Nixon of Paradisus, a man who really knows his plants, this raised bed garden is finely worked symphony of colour, form and texture.

The view on to Noelle and Ian's rooftop courtyard

The view on to Noelle and Ian’s rooftop courtyard

When your downstairs neighbours live underneath your courtyard, you need to be mighty careful about installing a garden. Fortunately when Noelene and Ian called in Peter, he knew to double check the integrity of the waterproof membrane which, it turned out, had already begun to deteriorate.

With a new membrane installed, raised garden beds were built to better show off the wonderful xerophyte and low-water use plants. However this courtyard is not a plant collection. It’s a series of beautifully designed plantscapes which work together as a whole to be viewed from inside, but also individually, calling you outside to appreciate its many different angles and changing perspectives.

Basking in Sydney’s warm to nearly subtropical climate, these plants are not irrigated and yet you can see they are thriving. Maintenance is minimal and there’s an ever-changing display of flowers and foliage that colours with cooler temperatures during winter.

Yes, I’m definitely moving in.

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3 thoughts on “Noelene & Ian’s rooftop

  1. …. Catherine Stewart’s flawless eye captures another of my designs. Pretty soon I’m going to have cut you in for 10% CS best clicker yet ! Thanks HUGE to be in such illustrious company on Garden Drum 🙂

  2. What a stunning garden… if I didn’t know it’s on a rooftop I’d think I was in a garden verging onto bush. Amazing!

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