Who said that?

Many of the world’s top gardeners, landscape designers and botanists, both past and present have made memorable contributions with their words, as well as their deeds.

Can you pick who said or wrote the following…? Continue reading

GardenDrum Quiz #3 – Big botanical words

I love BIG BOTANICAL WORDS. Whenever I come across a new and interesting word in my gardening research, I write it down. I’ve tried hard to work them into everyday conversations without much success – as it turns out, opportunities to use ‘totipotency’ arise quite infrequently, although I’m sure ‘helical perversion’ has distinct possibilities. Continue reading

GardenDrum Quiz #2 True BLUE

True blue, blue for you, got them blues and the blue yonder…..

No it’s not a patriotic calling but an announcement that this quiz is all about BLUE  – flowers, fruit, or garden accoutrements, including paint and sculpture. Continue reading

GardenDrum Quiz #1 – ORANGE


Orange is one of GardenDrum’s most-loved shades. Can you guess the names of all these plants? (No prizes, just self congratulations). Click on any image and it will flip over to show you the botanical name, common name, and where it comes from. Continue reading