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Product: Barnel Telescopic Pole Saw     Rating: 4.5 stars ★★★★½

Using the Barnel pole saw partly extended

Using the Barnel pole saw partly extended


This is a saw on a telescopically extendable pole used for removing branches from a height above the ground.


This pole saw has a superior pole locking mechanism. Made of aluminium so that it is light-weight, it has Samurai steel blades that are self-sharpening. There are 2 blade options available.

Z555B has a 5.5mm tooth pitch with the blade being 1.4mm thick for more aggressive and faster sawing. This is the option that we chose for the reasons outlined. The alternative blade option is Z550B with a shorter 4.5mm tooth pitch and a slightly thicker blade at 1.5mm which is for less breakage and is ideal for palms.

Cutting branches into easy-to-remove lengths

Cutting branches into easy-to-remove lengths


Light to handle, especially within canopies of trees, powerful blades that come with a strong PVC sheath, very well made with the ability to self sharpen.


Can be difficult to start the first cut when the pole is fully extended, especially during wind. Once started though, the teeth of the blade grips well allowing for easy cutting.

Used by whom and where:

I have used it as well as my husband. It is used regularly for raising the canopies of the many trees on our property, both indigenous and deciduous varieties. Also used in clients gardens for difficult to get to limbs of shrubs or trees when clearing the client’s property prior to landscaping or as part of the regular maintenance program.

Barnel saw Z555B blade (5.5mm tooth pitch)

Barnel saw Z555B blade (5.5mm tooth pitch)


It performs well except during a strong wind.


There are 2 sizes available based on the length of the pole – 1.8 to 5 metre length or 2.3 to 6.3 metre length. The weight of the former is 2.7kg and the latter is 3.5kg.

Sturdy pole saw blade sheath

Sturdy pole saw blade sheath


Price guide:

For the smaller unit the price is around $300 and the larger one about $350. There are 2 different blades for each option depending on the type of material to be cut which doesn’t affect the price.

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