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Recently I’ve used a dilute mixture of worm tea to green up some yellow looking Slipper Orchids. In fact, some gardeners refer to the liquid you get from worm farms as worm tea or black gold. Magic. But sometimes getting a worm farm going can be problematic.

Worm farm photo Doug Beckers

Hopefully Cameron Little from can fix all that! Listen as he explains:

  • how to add another layer to expand your existing worm farm
  • when to use the castings out of your worm farm trays
  • what food scraps to avoid

The worms and other micro-organisms break down the food scraps before they have a chance to rot. Did you know that around 90% of greenhouse gas emissions from landfills are a result of decomposing organic material such as food waste? If you’re having problems with your existing worm farm, drop us a line and Cameron or the RWG team will be happy to help.

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