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There is much myth and folklore about owls. Some are light-hearted like in the U.S.: if you hear an Owl-cry you must return the call, or else take off an item of clothing and put it on again inside-out! Boo Book Owls are found all round Australia, from forests to desert regions, but need hollows in trees to nest. 

Photo by cskk

We can help these birds if we realise that, in the environment, dead trees are as valuable as living ones, and they should be left for homes for wildlife.
Find out more about this wonderful owl with a rather nice call with ecologist Sue Stevens.



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8 thoughts on “Boobook or mopoke owls

  1. Brilliant, Marianne. I love owls! I am fortunate enough to have seen several different species in the course of working in bushland ecology. The mopoke is one of my favourites. Everyone calls them “boobook” but I will forever know them as “mopoke” due to C.J Dennis’ poem, Hist. The poem’s storyline is about an eery, moonlit journey across a parkland by some children, and details all the night noises that startle and intrigue them along the way. The boobook is mentioned in the line:

    Mo-Poke, who was that that spoke?
    This is not a fitting spot to make a silly joke!

    I hadn’t thought of that poem in years – thanks for conjuring it up!

  2. I heard a mopoke up in my gum tree out the back last Wednesday 10th August 2016) night at about 10pm. I was so excited. The first sound recorded is exactly what I heard..(… in Gosnells, Western Australia)

  3. I am laying here in suburban south west Sydney at 5.30am listening to the lovely sound of a Mopoke calling. Such a lovely sound to wake up to

  4. At the moment we have 3 Boobook owls outside my room. It started off as 1 then progressed to 2 and then 3 over the past five days. They seem to be very friendly and I think 2 are juveniles. I have also heard a call like a very noisy cricket call. Claudine Ogden Dunedoo

    • Hello Claudine,

      great to hear about the Mopokes. It’s as you say, probably two juveniles who hang around their parents to 2-3 months after they fledge.
      I’m not sure what the noisy cricket call is.
      Perhaps a Mole cricket?

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