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Bad Sandy was no greased lightning

Tammy Schmitt

Tammy Schmitt

November 2, 2012

My family and I are safe and sound. Hurricane Sandy has left my garden very well watered. Thanks a million for all your support. :o)

2. None of the trees that fell landed on my house or property and we never lost power.

3. We spent part of yesterday watching the movie Grease so we could sing about Sandy.

4. Sweet Sandy spent the day with us while my garden soaked up the rain.

5. But by early evening, Bad Sandy had arrived!

6. Carrot cake made everything better.

7. So did watching movies with two teenage girls in the hammock that had been moved into the basement from the backyard.

8. The dogs slept through everything.

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Julie Thomson
11 years ago

Love it Tammy. So pleased you were not in harm’s way in the hurricane and am thinking of your fellow countrymen who were not so lucky and have heartache and expense thus. We have a friend here called Sandy and now he’s known by what the newsreaders here referred to as “superstorm Sandy”. Seems a misnomer, somehow; such an affable name for such a brutal force. What great pzazz you showed watching “Grease” through it. Never tire of its music.