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November 5, 2012

Garden Media Group‘s Trends for 2013 include this value proposition for the future: Plants are necessities, not luxuries. I like it!



Other key trends from this USA report include:

 Trading spaces

 Cities are the new suburbs, suburbs the new cities

 Wealthier people choosing to live in inner cities

 Suburbs are going to be the home of immigrants and poorer people


 New Urbanism
 Millennials moving back into the center of cities
 Desire for life in town centers
 “Self-sufficient” living
 Want more connectivity
 Parklets
 Walk Scores
 Part of the ethos of the emerging generation

Lifestyle Forces of Nature – Urban Knights

 Taking up the mantel of saving our cities
 Creating places that enrich, uplift, and inspire the human spirit
 Living an urban lifestyle in sustainable, convenient and enjoyable places while providing solutions to peak oil and climate change
 Increased availability for living/working/recreational opportunities
 High quality of life well worth living

Farming and Foraging

 Freedom loving and self reliant
 Growing own food from the land
 New Pioneers moving to the country
 Urban farming
 Vacant-lot farming
 Raising chickens

 Foraging in urban jungle to the wild, wild woods
 Edible riches in backyard, local parks, woods and even roadside
 Easy Pickens
 Next stage of local fare for restaurants
 Foraging Apps

Wellness and forces of nature:

 Accelerates Healing Process
 Concentration and Memory
 Flowers Generate Happiness
 Exercise
 Improved Human performance/energy
 Improved Learning
 Mental Health
 Reduce Community Crime
 Reduce Stress
 Therapeutic Effects of Gardening
 Perceived Quality of Life

Color forces of Nature:

Bright – cerulean blue, purple, pink, yellow, green
Gold & Silver

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