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Using conifers well

Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

November 11, 2012

Conifers have fallen out of favour in recent years but they are mostly tough, no-nonsense plants that can work in many gardens. In this gallery I’ve explored different ways of using conifers – some topiary and hedging but also mixed shrub and conifer borders, using conifers in some surprising combinations with succulents and grasses, and exploiting their unique form, texture and colour variations.

For more online information on choosing and finding conifers:

Australia: you can source more than 600 conifer varieties through Conifer Gardens Nursery in Victoria, or try Yamina Rare Plants. There is also the Tarcis Conifer Nursery in WA and Ross Conifers in Oberon NSW (no websites) and the Conifer Society of Australia

USA: The American Conifer Society has good introductory information about confiers and a list if gardens where you can see them plus a world conifer database.

UK: Conifer Info has an excellent selection guide for a wide range of conifer uses and sizes and also look at Kenwith Conifer Nursery (online sales) in Devon.


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