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Sunny sunflowers



December 7, 2012

Sunflower Selections Moulin Rouge

Who knew there are over 30 different sizes, colours and habits of sunflowers? Sunflower Selections in California has from dwarf to giant, colours from lemon through to burgundy as well as double flowers.

Sunflower Selections Starburst Aurea

With many of these new hybrids looking more like giant dahlia, rudbeckia or gaillardia, these sunflowers are no novelty planting but a classy and colourful border or hedge. Unfortunately quarantine laws prevent Sunflower Selections shipping to Australia or India but all other countries can order seeds from them online. In Australia, you can find F1 Hybrid seeds on EBay, or Yates seeds have sunflower seed packets in bronze shades, dwarf yellow, or ‘Yellow Empress’.

I have heard of an Australian hybrid sunflower breeder in Horsham, Victoria but cannot find him online – can anyone help here?

Sunflower Selections Little Becka

Sunflower Selections Lime White







Sunflower Selections Joker

Sunflower Selections American Giant Hybrid









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7 years ago

I am probably a bit late with this reply (very late actually) but if anyone is still interested in the sunflower hybridiser in Victoria Australia, his name is Keith White and he doesn’t have an online website – his address is 66 Barnes Boulevard, Horsham, Victoria, Australia 3400