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School kids garden for Ellerslie Flower Show



January 5, 2013
Kaptiti Island driftwood sculpture by Raumati South School

Kapiti Island driftwood sculpture by Raumati South School

Children from Raumati South School on the Kapiti Coast, 50km north of Wellington NZ, will have a garden in this years’s Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch, March 6-10, 2013. The school’s own garden features several quirky ideas designed and built by the children such as a bicycle-powered water pump and seed bombs launched by catapault.

Their Ellerslie garden, called ‘Our Sustainable School Yard‘ will include a stone pizza oven, African keyhole vegetable garden, driftwood sculpture, the famous bicycle-powered pump and a butterfly house with a cacti roof. Local businesses are donating timber pallets to build the fence and bricks from a demolished chimney for the pizza oven. The garden will include plants that grow well in the sandy soil and low rainfall of the Kapiti Coast and school parents are growing extra plants during the summer holidays to make sure there are plenty of good specimens available for the show garden. Children who are part of the schools ‘Go Green’ team will go to Ellerslie with the garden.

It will be the first garden by school children exhibited at the Ellerslie Flower Show. After the show finishes, the garden is being donated to the Wharenui School in Christchurch, to the surprise and delight of its principal and students.

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