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Amber’s Patch – making recycled paper seed pots



February 22, 2013

We have a new gardening media star among us. Watch the wildly talented 7 year oldĀ Miss Amber Woodhams teach us how to make recycled paper seed pots. I was so inspired by Amber’s infectious enthusiasm, I even made some myself.

Mine were pretty rubbish compared to hers – gah! she’s already a better gardener than I am. And then I found that I didn’t have any seeds suitable to put in individual pots. As I want to contribute some home-grown produce to TEDx Sydney on May 4, I’d better buy some soon and hurry up and get growing something edible. (Or wait until dark and belly-crawl through her garden to steal some of those snow peas she’s growing….)

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Helen Young
Helen Young
10 years ago

I’d say like father, like daughter, but Adam, she is way cuter than you! Well done.

10 years ago

Well done Amber, I’ll certainly make paper seed pots next spring.
I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.. and what a bright future that will be!