GardenDrumPeach buyers find fruit fly in South Australia


Sharp-eyed buyers of yellow-flesh peaches in South Australia spotted fruit fly larvae and alerted Biosecurity SA.

The peaches were from northern Victoria and sold through two Woolworths supermarkets, which has acted quickly to track back and hold all batches for testing. It’s the second time the dreaded Queensland fruit fly has been found in South Australia this year.

A spokesperson for Biosecurity SA said that finding larvae was worse than adult flies, as larvae are a potential breeding population which could devastate South Australia’s $675 million horticulture industry.

This is a good example of how each one of us needs to be alert to our local biosecurity risks.

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One thought on “Peach buyers find fruit fly in South Australia

  1. It is kind of a dodgey situation………grow your own……….or put up with the infestation…… when you.grow your own I do not see this happening.
    Do not grow your own and buy from the “market’s” well sorry good luck.

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