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UK Horticulture Trades Association 2012 report



April 17, 2013
Photo by wallygrom

Photo by wallygrom

UK’s Horticulture Trades Association reports a 14% drop in the UK 2012 garden retail market compared to 2011. This is attributed to poor spring weather and economic downturn but also a continuing decline in home ownership among the under 45s.

Spending by older gardening consumers, who tend to be less affected by current economic conditions stayed relatively constant. More than half the fall in spending was among those aged under 45, who account for about one third of total retail gardening spend. Statistics show that in 2012 there were 2 million fewer Britons aged under 45 who have a garden than in 2006, and they are also more likely to be struggling financially.

However the UK garden retail market still exceeds £5 billion, with 60% of Britons purchasing a gardening product in 2012. The challenge will be there for retail nurseries to engage the younger, non-home owning and financially challenged consumers in balcony and patio gardening.

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