Louise McDaidEucalypts in Rwanda!

Eucalypt plantation in Rwanda

Did you know that mountain gorillas eat eucalypt leaves? I still get excited when I see eucalypts anywhere outside Australia. This eucalypt plantation near Volcans National Park Rwanda, is the home of the mountain gorilla.

Dried eucalypt fencing in Rwanda

Dried eucalypt fencing in Rwanda

Eucalypts were introduced from Australia back around 1912, apparently for firewood and building. Low branches of young trees are stripped and used for brush style fences as they dry. Gorillas also like them and strip the bark to get moisture beneath, plus they also like the leaves.




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One thought on “Eucalypts in Rwanda!

  1. Eucalyptus in Rwanda may be good to line the pockets of a few plantation companies, but the fact is they are considered a pest species in every country they have been introduced to. They are allopathic, highly competitive for moisture and space, few endemic creatures like them and 8% volatile oil which is terrific for fueling the wildfires they never had before. …..Did I mention that most of them look like crap too?

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