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Jane Griffith’s award-winning show garden



August 6, 2013

Claire Slabber, Grant Gove, Jane Griffiths. Overall Winner

Jane Griffiths (right), of Jane’s Delicious Garden and GardenDrum author, is part of the Platinum Award-winning team at the 2013 Garden World show in Johannesburg.

Jane's Delicious Cottage Garden Garden World 2013

Jane’s Delicious Cottage Garden Garden World 2013

Designed by Grant Gove of GLC Design studio in collaboration with Jane Griffiths, and Claire Slabber and Heidi Weeks from Talborne Organics, ‘Jane’s Delicious Cottage Garden‘ is a celebration of self sufficiency. This exuberant garden, overflowing with fruit, vegetables and flowers, is a living ode to a time we once knew. Drawing on the ideals of the traditional cottage garden, all available space is filled and everything is recycled, reused and reinvented.

Jane's Delicious Cottage Garden Garden World 2013 flower-filled trunkSlate walls, gravel and log paths, split pole fencing and rustic elements suggest a garden that has developed organically over decades. A JoJo tank – which harvests rain water from the roof – is artfully covering with a vertical garden, filled with herbs, flowers and vegetables (and is watered using drip irrigation from the JoJo tank).

Strawberries drip from an edible roof made from old guttering and vegetables burst from recycled containers. Herbs flourish amongst colourful foxgloves, roses, scabiosa and wild grasses. This delicious garden is a vibrant reminder that the beauty of nature can be celebrated on our own doorstep.

Jane’s Delicious Cottage Garden won the Waterwise award, a Platinum award and the Best Overall Garden.


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