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Gardening TV sent up



October 14, 2013

Gherkin Jarvis in action

Are you finding gardening TV engaging, or cliche-ridden and predictable?

Soft, floaty guitar music; emphatic double-handed gesturing; cupped hands filled with dirt; walking to camera; leaning on tools; giving plants a good ‘rub over’ – enjoy this most amusing gardening TV send-up by Gherkin Jarvis.

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Julie Thomson
9 years ago

Love the gherkin sendup!!!! Then again, how do you avoid such cliches? Is there is anything NEW under the sun?

Phileppa Doyle
Phileppa Doyle
9 years ago

I agree with Julie, and it was a fun send-up… but it did remind me of my favourite presenter, and I do know he’s a particularly hard, no nonsense worker so I hope he has a sense of humour.

Helen Young
Helen Young
9 years ago

Oh this is priceless. I so want to say who I think he is exactly like but cannot of course. But I am curious – who is this Gherkin Jarvis?