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202020 Vision for our cities



November 7, 2013

202020 Vision copy

So what can YOU see with 202020 Vision?

202020 Vision

You can see grey urban spaces turning into green through partnerships between government, designers, developers, construction companies, academics and researchers and, of course, your country’s nursery and garden industry. 202020 Vision is the new partnership campaign developed by the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia (NGIA) to co-ordinate plans and inputs from all those groups who want to build better communities and places by using what gives us all life here on this beautiful but increasingly mucky old planet…..


Gazillions of them.

Our cities are full of grey and dusty places, like leftover and neglected old industrial sites, abandoned transport corridors and bare building facades. The City of Sydney is estimated to have over 3 square kilometres of bare rooftops begging to be clothed in green.

The 202020 Vision is to have 20% more greenery in urban areas by 2020. But this is not just feel-good but pie-in-the-sky rhetoric. 202020 brings together a whole bunch of people with clever ideas but also the skills and influence to make it happen.

Sacha Coles of ASPECT

Sacha Coles of ASPECT

Academics like Dr Samantha Sharpe, Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS and Dr Sara Wilkinson, Associate Professor, School of the Built Environment, UTS will support 202020 Vision by measuring what we have now, what we achieve and how it improves our environment and our lives.

Landscape architects like Sacha Coles of ASPECT Studio have plans already going ahead to bring spreading shade and cooling green to city renewal projects like The Goods Line in Sydney’s Ultimo.

The Goods Line, Ultimo. ASPECT

The Goods Line, Ultimo. ASPECT

Construction companies like Brookfield Multiplex Group will continue to bringing greenlife (which they intriguingly call “biophilia”) into all their building projects, as there’s also a significant business case to support it. (I loved to hear that Warwick Johnson, Director of Operations for Brookfield Multiplex, works in an office dubbed ‘The Jungle’)

And the nurseries will grow plants, gazillions of them, for us to plant. Because as NGIA CEO Robert Prince quotes, although “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now”.

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