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Burnley Living Roofs



November 11, 2013

Burnley College in Melbourne has long been the home of horticultural training in Victoria. Now part of the University of Melbourne’s School of Land and Environment, its old administration building is now a 500 square metre green roof laboratory designed by HASSELL Landscape architects.

Burnley Living Roofs

One part of the green roof which is designed for access and also outdoor teaching features this beautiful, sinuous red-ribbon garden edging, made from foam and fibreglass. The garden beds are of varying depths created by a vertical wedge-shaped design and are further divided into irrigated and non-irrigated sections. Each is filled with a variety of experimental growing media like crushed tiles and ash waste. Green roof researchers are currently assessing a wide range of plants both Australian native and exotic, including edibles, for their green roof performance in these different conditions.

As you can see, it was very wet and people-filled the day I visited as part of the Australian Landscape Conference garden tour but you can see the beauty of the design and how well the plants are flourishing in these exposed conditions.

Read more at HASSELL

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10 years ago

Ha sure looks great——-I love the red– which I think is plastic retaining wall—-tell us about that—-sure looks a bit slippery in these shots—–I wish my learning facility looked this cool when I was doing my trade .