GardenDrumGardenDrum turns 2 years old!

SIGN  UP  TODAY – you could  WIN a $300 HAMPER!

Happy 2nd birthday

GardenDrum is 2 years old TODAY!!

Each week for the next 4 weeks there will be prizes to win when you click through from your weekly email digest, so look in your inbox or sign up TODAY! You can win $300 hampers of tools, books and ebooks, plant fertilisers and tonics, nursery vouchers and more!

Contributing suppliers include Fiskars, Bosch, Plants Management Australia, Seasol, Organic Crop Protectants, Searles, Yates, Ozbreed and ACS gardening ebooks.

Click through from your next weekly email update, starting from November 25 to enter and WIN.

Here’s just a small sample of our rapidly building prize list……

Fiskars Quantum Tool Pack

Bosch KEO






Neutrog sample packs







The Garden Guardians









Climbing Plants ebook





Plants Management Australia Gift Card








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