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Free entry for MoMA’s sculpture garden?



February 6, 2014
Photo La Citta Vita

Photo La Citta Vita

What price peace? MoMA in NYC has announced controversial plans to allow free entry to its cloistered sculpture garden, instead of the usual $25 entry fee. Several landscape architects deplore the suggestion, one saying “They fail to understand what’s brilliant about the garden and what makes it great — this cloistered isolation.”

Access to outside space in midtown NYC is rare, so many predict that the sculpture garden will be overrun, especially at lunchtime. While I also love the idea of a quite, serene place to escape to in the middle of a teaming city, the reported elitist comments of several local landscape architects had me cringing.

“a ludicrous idea”

“you buy your giant pretzel and walk in off the street”

“wasn’t designed for large crowds”

“sculpture garden as the sacrificial lamb”

“it gets colonized by kids, then the peace ends”

“they’re watering down what was special”

“the garden was to be an oasis from the city”

As I would have expected, landscape architect Ken Smith takes a different view, saying

‘it’s a good idea”


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Kim Woods Rabbidge
10 years ago

It’s always wonderful to be able to experience sculptures in situ, and if it’s a worry having too many people in the area at once maybe it could be a ‘no food or drink’ area – that way people are able soak up the atmosphere and the artwork without being in a ‘dining destination’?