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Forget the wine, go with a plant!

Plants Management Australia

Plants Management Australia

February 7, 2014

Some people consider it old school to take a gift for the host if you are invited to dinner, but we still think it’s plain old good manners. The question arises however – what do you give? The traditional choices are wine, chocolates or cut flowers, however how often do you take a plant?

Acacia Limelight will lighten up your hosts' garden for years to come

Acacia Limelight will lighten up your hosts’ garden for years to come

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a strong interest in horticulture and therefore have given many plants as gifts. What kind of reaction do you get?

Potted Hellebore is an elegant table centrepiece

Potted hellebore is an elegant table centrepiece

You won’t ever get a negative reaction when you give a plant. In fact, people are usually delighted and years later they are still commenting “that plant you gave me is still going well.” Just about everyone has a garden of some sort, and it’s not hard to find something to suit – be it a shrub for a new garden, some potted colour for a friend with a small apartment or maybe something edible for a foodie.

The best thing though about being given a plant is that it lasts (well – hopefully!). Once that bottle of wine is drunk and the chocolates move to your hips, that’s it – but with a plant you can enjoy it for years. Surely that’s a great way to say thanks for a great meal.

Do you have some favourite plants to give as gifts? Some top picks begin with Acacia ‘Limelight’ – it looks good in nearly every garden and is always available. Garden centres stock them all year round so it’s easy to run in and grab one if you’re in a rush.

If your hosts plant out your gift of The Princess Lavender they'll have cut flowers for weeks

If your hosts plant out your gift of The Princess Lavender they’ll have cut flowers for weeks

Beautiful and fragrant daphne is perfect in a vase

Beautiful fragrant daphne

For gifts in winter you can’t go past a Hellebore, like those in the Winter Royalty Collection. Decidedly elegant looking, they have the ‘wow’ factor but are also surprisingly hardy. These are great as they can remain indoors for up to 6 weeks whilst in bloom and then be planted out into the garden. You really get the best of both worlds – an indoor display and then something that can move into a larger pot or garden bed.

There are a million options in spring and so much is looking good. Try something bright but reliable. ‘The Princess’ Lavender is great for a girly touch or Daphne ‘Eternal Fragrance’ if you want to win over a traditional gardener.

What are your favourite plants to give? Do you have some reliable old favourites? How about different plants for different occasions?

Let’s ditch the wine and give more plants!

[This post is brought to you by Plants Management Australia]

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Julie Thomson
10 years ago

Absolutely agree 100 per cent Amanda. And interestingly some of our friends have gone alcohol-free so the de rigeur bottle of wine for dinner is no longer appropriate. I like to take a bouquet of flowers or foliage from my garden, but sometimes that is thin pickings, so a plant is a great idea. Have done that for a house warming gift often and always thanked profusely and see it gracing the balcony for long afterwards. Would love to get some of that Princess Lavender.