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Stoney Bank3

Photo Barbara Peterson

Wilderness rules. Stoney Bank Nurseries has won Best in Show at the Philadelphia Flower Show with their garden ‘Beauty of the Brandywine‘, designed for the show theme of ARTiculture – where art meets horticulture.

Stoney Bank2

‘Beauty of the Brandywine’ by Stoney Bank Nurseries. Photo Barbara Peterson

It’s very unusual to see a show garden attempt to replicate a natural or farmland landscape – it seems almost counter intuitive to do so at a garden show, but then again, why not? As a concept garden it has beautiful detail, with the texture of teasel seed heads, dried grasses, tree bark and rural artefacts. It’s a fascinating ‘full circle’ conceit to have the natural landscape captured in 2D by artists then recaptured in 3D by a landscape designer.

Stoney Bank Nurseries describe their garden:

Stoney Bank

Photo Barbara Peterson

Three generations of Wyeths have captured the unique land, water, fields, and native plant environs that have been the inspiration for a distinguished Brandywine River Valley culture. The native sycamore trees, painted and captured by the Wyeth family, give shade to woodland ferns, flowers, and gurgling streams that come together to form the iconic Brandywine River. This is a perfect metaphor for the current community working together to preserve a sustainable future in the fields and forests of the Brandywine River Valley. This exhibition is inspired by the collection of Wyeth art at the Brandywine River Museum of Art.

The Philadelphia Flower Show runs until March 9 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

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