GardenDrumCanada honours philanthropist gardener, Lucinda Flemer

Lucinda FlemerLucinda Flemer, founder of the extraordinary Kingsbrae Garden in New Brunswick, has been awarded one of Canada’s top honours, Member of the Order of Canada. Ms Flemer made a garden that everyone said was impossible…..except her.

Covering 11 hectares (27 acres) at St-Andrews-by-the-Sea in New Brunswick, Kingsbrae Garden was built by:

“the young and the old, troubled teens and abused women, people who’’d never been able to hold down a steady job in their lives, these were the people who would dig, plant and tend to the first of the Kingsbrae gardens.”

Lucinda Flemer had not been brought up to be a gardener, but she had brought up to believe that those who had education, opportunity and wealth had a responsibility to share those gifts with others who had less. When she and her husband John decided that they had more land than their family needed, a public garden was the way they chose to give back to their community.

Lucinda and garden workers at Kingsbrae GardenKingsbrae Garden has a perennial garden, white garden, bird and butterfly gardens, gravel garden, rose garden, a special ‘Scents and Sensitivity Garden’ for the sight impaired and a therapy garden, plus all of Kingsbrae Garden can be accessed by wheelchair. Kingsbrae garden has won many awards, and it’s wonderful to see its creator and driving force similarly honoured.

Even more than giving pleasure to the more than 25,000 annual visitors, Kingsbrae has fundamentally changed the lives of many who helped build it. As Lucinda Flemer said:

“There’’s no doubt in my mind that the garden changes people. It gives them a sense of dignity, a reason to get up in the morning. It’s peaceful, a beautiful, healthy environment and it’s nurturing.””

Lucinda Flemer – one of the world’s great gardeners.

You can learn all about the magic and power of Kingsbrae, and Canada’s most remarkable gardener, by watching this episode of Recreating EdenThe Giving Garden

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  1. What an excellent and inspirational video on the creation of Kingsbrae Garden – thank you so much for sharing it on Garden Drum. It is so good to see such fortunate people supporting those less fortunate through gardening and a love of green space.

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