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Award-winning gardening products at GLEE



September 16, 2014

Garden on a Roll’s edible garden template

GLEE, the huge trade show in Birmingham UK, has announced its new gardening product winners, including a jumbo kneeling pad, tomato grow pack, a pizza-box style pizza oven, patterned gumboots and gloves, super light glazed pots, a new weed cutting tool, and an on-trend insect hotel. But what’s caught my eye is the new Garden on a Roll giftbox, which is cracker of an idea.

Garden on a Roll, is very simple but original concept developed and patented in the UK by Antony Henn to help those with a limited plant knowledge or planting design ability overcome their fear of failure and get outside and garden.

You go online and choose the length, width and style of the border you want to plant. A box arrives by courier containing a biodegradable paper roll with a laid out pattern template for planting up your border, all the live plants in 1 litre pots, and fertiliser. It costs about £140 including p&p for a border that’s 3 metres long by 60cm wide, which isn’t much different to the cost of just the plants themselves from a garden centre. The only extra thing you need to buy is your chosen mulch.


Plants include permanent evergreen shrubs, grasses, edibles, ferns and perennials, chosen for your location and separated by the correct spacings. You plant out everything and the mat breaks down in about 2 months, suppressing weeds in the meantime.

You prepare your new garden bed soil as per the instructions, roll out and peg down the design and then cut holes through the paper into which you plant the designated plants. Right spacings, good design and high likelihood of at least seasonal success.

Garden on a Roll Giftbox extends the concept to make it a presentation-worthy gift for a new couple, housewarming, new baby or special occasion present, especially for those new to gardening. The recipient chooses his/her own border style to the value of the giftbox

What a fabulous way to turn non-gardeners into gardeners. I love it. And I bet kids would have a great time doing this too.

BTW – winner of the big GLEE Award for 2014 went to Briers for its new ‘Historic Palaces Garden Accessory’ range. Only in the UK!

GLEE 2014 Best New Products Awards to Briers Historic Palaces Garden Accessories

GLEE 2014 Best New Products Awards to Briers Historical Palaces Garden Accessories


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