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International Garden Festival Canada 2015



September 16, 2014

IGF Québec 2015

BUZZ!!! The International Garden Festival in Québec, Canada hosted at Reford Gardens, has called for proposals for its 2015 season, from designers, artists and architects. And it’s all about the BUZZ.

“Buzz” is the operative word guiding the 2015 International Garden Festival. The installations selected by the jury will have a special energy and connection to the natural world. The temporary gardens will have a central concept that will be clearly articulated and a degree of interactivity that encourages visitors to enter with enthusiasm and leave with a wish to dialogue and discuss. They will be bold or earthy, complex or very simple. The goal is to intrigue visitors with the unusual or to impress by new ways of presenting what is common. Incorporating vegetables and/or aromatic, medicinal or edible plants, the new gardens will be full of colour and intensity.

This call for proposals is open to all landscape architects, architects, designers and artists from Canada and abroad.

The International Garden Festival is a non-profit organization whose mission is the creation, exhibition and promotion of contemporary gardens. The event is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Heritage, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Emploi-Québec, the ministère du Tourisme and the Conférence régionale des éluEs du Bas-Saint-Laurent.

LINE GARDEN by Jamrozik and Brantford Ontario Canada and Bale Switzerland Photo Louise Tanguay via v2com

LINE GARDEN by Jamrozik and Brantford Ontario Canada and Bale Switzerland Photo Louise Tanguay via v2com

About Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens

Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens are located on the shores of the St. Lawrence and Mitis rivers in Québec, Canada. Created from 1926 to 1958 by avid gardener and plant collector, Elsie Reford, the gardens are a national historic site. The gardens and heritage buildings were designated by the government of Québec in 2013. Les Jardins de Métis are considered one of the premier gardens in North America and an obligatory stop for all those visiting eastern Québec. Visit the Reford Gardens for more details. Hydro-Québec has been a major partner of the Reford Gardens since 1999.

The deadline for the submission of entries is MONDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2014 at 5 pm, Canada EST.

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