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Pink is the new white

Jo-Anna Sawle Meth

Jo-Anna Sawle Meth

October 7, 2014

pink grow lights

PINK is the new white. For plant growers that is. Did you know that you only need pink light to grow plants? Why pink & not just sunlight or the full spectrum of light?

I’d always assumed that because most plants grow in daylight that they need the full visible light spectrum to photosynthesis and grow well… Which turns out isn’t true.

Commercial hydroponic growers and Phillips (the lighting company) have partnered to research optimal growing conditions for plants indoors.

They have discovered plants need PINK light. A combination of red light, blue light and some white light is enough! Growers save money by not wasting resources giving plants what they don’t need whether it is fertilizes, water or light.

Plants use different parts of the light spectrum. The mix of colours in light strongly influence the development of a plant. For example BLUE light is essential for vegetative growth like a good root system and green leafy growth. On the other hand RED light enhances flowering and fruiting.

Most plants are traditionally grown in white light. Natural sunlight is the cheapest source of light, but in horticulture it is not always readily available in sufficient quantities. Therefore, artificial light is becoming more common in order to increase production and quality of plants. In fact we just need to serve them up exactly what light they need!

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9 years ago

Great article