GardenDrumMovie screen for a towering problem

Have you got the ugliest view from your backyard and can’t work out how to hide it? Try a ‘movie wall’ which gives privacy without making you feel boxed in.

It’s an innovative idea for a backyard screen. Instead of a high, blank wall to screen out an apartment block next door, this ‘movie screen’ idea focusses attention down low while it encloses the space. It can also delineate separate areas within the garden, provide extra seating, and a hanging white sheet makes an instant outdoor movie theatre.

The wall is 2.4m (8ft) high, which is the same height as the house eaves.

Design by Jennifer Orr & Ilse Frank of Studio Balcones in Austin, Tx.

Click through the photos to see how the wall hides the next door apartment block.

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