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Help fund a tropical permaculture guidebook



January 22, 2015


Please help fund this essential tropical-zone book that guides subsistence farmers throughout south-east Asia in permaculture techniques so they can care for their land, grow better crops and break out of poverty.

FEED THE SEED, a Tropical Permaculture Guidebook was first written for Timor Leste in 2006 by Lachlan Mackenzie and Ego Lemos. Since then it’s been copied and used in many other tropical countries, including Sri Lanka, Samoa, Nepal, Australia, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Uganda and Haiti. Feed The Seed uses text but also simple graphics so that even those who can’t read can use it and benefit from it.

drawing-set1-newUsers include indigenous and non indigenous, urban and remote communities, farmers and field workers, development agency workers, schools and training institutions, government agencies, and international NGOs in Timor Leste, Australia and across the world.

The Permaculture Guidebook is now out of print but before reprinting, it need to be reviewed and updated, including the content, illustrations and formatting of the original book as well as broadening the focus for urban, rural and remote communities in all tropical and sub-tropical regions across the world.

A new edition of the guidebook will assist subsistence farmers living in tropical areas throughout the world and provide personal, community, health, economic, environmental and development work benefits.

PermaLogo-2The new edition, A Tropical Permaculture Guidebook. A Gift from Timor Leste. International Edition, is being created by the original writers Lachlan McKenzie and Ego Lemos in collaboration with Permatil, the xpand Foundation and Disruptive Media. The updated 500+ page guidebook will be a practical reference source for implementing permaculture techniques specific to tropical and sub-tropical climates.

The content will be reviewed, updated and expanded so that the techniques are easily understood, particularly by people with low literacy levels, whilst also creating a highly attractive and easy to read guidebook. The new edition will be available as a traditional paper based book and a free e book, uploaded chapter-by-chapter in a web-friendly online format to the permacultureguidebook.org and withoneplanet.org.au open education websites.

The free online edition will show step by step how to implement some of the techniques e.g. composting, propagation, terracing and aquaponics.

The initial editions will be produced in English with a partner project to translate the finished product into the Timorese language Tetum and other translations as required.

This is a really worthwhile project and a good practical way that gardeners all over the world can help tropical gardeners learn productive and sustainable food growing and land management techniques. I’ve pledged $100.


Help raise funds for the first stage of the review and update by donating through Chuffed crowd-funding. CLICK HERE TO DONATE. Even $10 helps!

Learn more at PermacultureGuidebook.org or from the video below

FEED THE SEED: A tropical permaculture guidebook from Timor Leste from WithOneSeed on Vimeo.

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Emily Gray
9 years ago

Thanks for sharing this project