GardenDrumRHS identifies the Top Diseases of 2014

Armillaria mellea - Stu's Images

Armillaria mellea – Stu’s Images

The RHS in the UK has identified 2014’s Top 10 Diseases of concern to gardeners – led by honey fungus and box blight, but there are some worrying new diseases being found too.

Several new viruses have been identified in the UK in the past year, including four which affect grapevines and one for wisteria. Increased virus detections of all kinds see it arrive for the first time in the RHS Top 10 Diseases list.

However it’s the silent killer ‘honey fungus’ (Armillaria mellea) that tops the list of RHS diagnoses for the 19th year running, with its ability to kill both woody and perennial plants and spread without obvious early symptoms to other healthy plants nearby.

Rust diseases and powdery mildews have also risen up the list due to warmer and wetter climate conditions through 2014.

RHS UK plant disease inquiries

RHS UK plant disease inquiries


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