GardenDrumIs your garden the MONSTER OUTSIDE?

Photo Roberto Fogliardi

Photo Roberto Fogliardi

Is your garden the MONSTER OUTSIDE? Just published on the excellent thinkinGardens website blog is a most thought-provoking story from Valerie Lapthorne about her long-term obsessive and debilitating relationship with her garden.

Valerie’s relationship with her garden escalates from initial practical gardening to burgeoning plant love, spreading from the easy to the fickly and fussy, and then on to design obsession. She says, after 30 years of gardening:

I have become its slave, reacting to its every demand, physically worn down in the process of servicing it. The travesty is that I have created this monster myself.

This is a must-read for all gardeners. I will be interested to hear what you think!

READ: The Monster Outside, by Valerie Lapthorne.


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