GardenDrumPlant-e makes electricity from growing plants

Plant-e-Harnesses-the-Energy-in-Plants-to-Power-Lights-470200-3Plant-e, a Dutch company, is developing a revolutionary new system for harvesting sustainable electricity from growing plants. The patented pilot scheme already has a green electricity roof in The Netherlands, which develops enough electricity to charge a phone.

As plants photosynthesise, some of the organic matter generated is secreted into the root zone. The organic matter is then consumed by soil micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which release electrons as a by-product. If the roots are growing in enough water, electrodes placed nearby can harvest those electrons and generate tiny amounts of electricity. All from sunlight, water, CO2 and plant power.

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In August 2015, Plant-e received a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award.

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