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Australian Institute of Horticulture: National Awards 2015



September 24, 2015

The Australian Institute of Horticulture has presented its prestigious National Awards for 2015, including Horticulturist of the Year, Horticulture Student of the Year and the industry high-achievement accolades of the Silver Gum and Golden Wattle Awards.

AIH Horticulturist of the Year 2015 Stuart Pittendrigh. Photo Paul Plant

Australian Horticulturist of the Year
Stuart Pittendrigh MAIH, Registered Horticulturist, NSW
The Horticulturist of the Year 2015 has been presented to Stuart Pittendrigh for his committed work as the Horticultural Consultant for the Barangaroo Reserve. Stuart was appointed by the Project Authority. He worked in collaboration with the Architects, Landscape Architects, Nursery supplier and Simon Leake of SESL. With 45 years practical experience and a notable project base Stuart retained a hands on approach to the project direction and involvement in all horticultural aspects of the project. Stuart continues to make a major contribution to the profession of Horticultural Consulting Landscape Architecture, & Arboriculture Assessment & Reporting. 

Stuart has been a member of the AIH for 45 years and is a registered horticulturist. He has provided steadfast support to the AIH and is highly regarded and revered at the highest levels within the profession

AIH Student of the Year 2015 Tessa Maunder

AIH Student of the Year 2015: Tessa Maunder. Photo Paul Plant

Australian Horticulture Student of the Year
Tessa Maunder, QLD
The Horticultural Student of the Year for 2015 has been awarded to Tessa Maunder of Mackay QLD . Tessa commenced her studies in 2010 successfully completing the Certificate 111 in Horticulture. She is employed by Mackay City Council in 2011 working in the Parks and Environment Program In 2015 Tessa completed her apprenticeship in Parks and Gardens studies six months earlier than her allocated time. In his reference for this award the Acting CEO David McKendry noted that “the quality of her work has been reflected through her dedication to her studies. Showing leadership qualities through leading by example Tessa presents and conducts herself in a professional manner and the Mackay Regional Council is proud to support her nomination”. Tessa’s principal teacher Elizabeth Smith noted that ‘ her participation in class has grown from that of a student to the role of mentor for new and more inexperienced pupils’. She further noted that Tessa’s encouragement of others to further their own studies was gratifying; Tessa has developed a keen interest in Arboriculture and intends to continue her studies at Diploma level. The Institute welcome such a dedicated young horticulturist to our guild of professional practitioners.

AIH Secretary's Award for Horticultural Literature 2015: Elke Haege and Simon Leake

AIH Secretary’s Excellence in Horticultural Literature 2015: Elke Haege and Simon Leake. Photo Paul Plant

AIH Secretary’s Excellence in Horticultural Literature
Publication: Soils for Landscape Development
Authors Simon Leake and Elke Haege, NSW
This book was written in order to instruct and enable the horticulture professional to specify landscape soils to provide functional landscapes to their clients.
The book modernises and systematises the investigation of site soil resources for landscape projects and introduces objective science-based performance specifications that designers, soil manufacturers and landscape contractors can use.
There is no universal method of specifying soils for landscape projects and the book represents a world first in the publication of objective performance-based methods similar to the way architects and engineers ensure quality outcomes in projects.
The section on tree rooting volume estimation similarly introduces for the first time an objective method based on a range of interacting criteria to ensure adequate performance of trees in urban landscapes.
The book is being widely adopted by City councils, universities and faculties of landscape architecture as a standard reference for incorporation into the design process.
Published by CSIRO 2014

AIH Award of Merit Mark Browning and Lisa Ellis

AIH Award of Merit: Mark Browning and Lisa Ellis. Photo Paul Plant

Awards of Merit
Lisa Ellis and Mark Browning, Victoria
In recognition of Gold Medal and Best in Show at MIFGS 2015 ‘Quietude’ This garden was a collaboration between Lisa Ellis and Mark Browning Lisa oversaw the soft landscaping and accessories and Mark managed the construction and design layout. The emphasis was on using local producers and materials and showed interesting use of natural materials Plants used to great effect included interesting and rarer species

AIH Award of Merit 2015 Kerri Young (accepted by Glenice Bachelor)

AIH Award of Merit 2015: Kerri Young (accepted by Glenice Bachelor). Photo Paul Plant

Kerri Young, Western Australia
In recognition of services to professional horticultural and associated industries in Western Australia and being committed to developing strong ties with the nursery and landscape sectors of the Horticultural industry

AIH Award of Excellence 2015 Patrick Regnault

AIH Award of Excellence 2015: Patrick Regnault. Photo Paul Plant

Awards of Excellence
Patrick Regnault MAIH, Registered Horticulturist
In recognition of Patrick’s commitment to the advancement of professional horticultural practices in Northern NSW; tireless work to build strong partnerships with other industry sectors and the promotion of the AIH Registered Horticulturist program

AIH Award of Excellence 2015 Spencer Denyer

AIH Award of Excellence 2015: Spencer Denyer. Photo Paul Plant

Spencer Denyer MAIH, Registered Horticulturist Victoria
In recognition of Spencer’s commitment to the advancement of professional horticultural practices in Victoria and promotion of the AIH Registered Horticulturist program

AIH Award of Excellence 2015 John Tan

AIH Award of Excellence 2015: John Tan. Photo Paul Plant

John Tan MAIH, Registered Horticulturist, CPH Singapore
In recognition for achieving a Silver Gilt award for his garden display ‘The Hidden Beauty of Kranji’ at Chelsea Flower show 2015
John conceptualised the design for Chelsea 2015 after achieving ‘ Best of Show and Gold at the Gardening World Cup 2013 in Japan.
John was able to showcase the many beautiful species of Singapore including an array of orchids. Everyone in UK thought he was crazy to place orchids in the open especially during UK’s unpredictable May weather. However they found many of the plants coped very well even if they had to cover the entire garden with fleece every night throughout the show. John was successful in showcasing the tropics at Chelsea and fly the flag for the skill of horticulturists in the Tropics

AIH Award of Excellence 2015: Matt Mitchley. Photo Paul Plant

Matt Mitchley AAIH, Registered Horticulturist, QLD
In recognition of the Design, Construction and Establishment of ‘The Jurassica Project’, Cairns, Matt envisaged the project “Jurassica’ with the aim to conserve and preserve some of the most endangered Fauna and Flora, and to educate by bringing wild places into the city, making them accessible to everyone” Matt and his team have converted an eyesore derelict site in Cairns into a large living classroom that provides an opportunity to open up a whole new world of adventure, curiosity and learning” Matt aims to expand the concept into a large themed botanical and fauna ark

AIH Community Excellence Award 2015 Michael Casey

AIH Community Excellence Award 2015: Michael Casey.Photo Paul Plant

Award of Community Excellence
Michael Casey MAIH, Registered Horticulturist
In recognition for the project Catholic Regional College Sydenham. Michael worked with the staff and children to design, develop and implement green infrastructure around the college which is set on approx. 5 acres. The project is in its 3rd year of a five year plan
Very positive outcomes have been achieved including
• new and different methods of teaching;
• students using the landscape for other purposes – photography, art, social studies;
• more respect given to teachers after completing work projects alongside students
• and importantly a sense of ownership and pride of place for students involved directly in the design process
Michael acts as a mentor to the students and has received the highest praise from the college principal and the community.

AIH Silver Gum Award 2015: Neville Passmore

AIH Silver Gum Award 2015: Neville Passmore. Photo Paul Plant

Silver Gum Award
Neville Passmore MAIH, Registered Horticulturist
Having been born into a horticultural family Neville as a third generation horticulturist who has worked in plant production; garden centre retailing; horticultural media and contributed to student education over a 40 year period in the industry;
Neville’s current involvement in the development of horticulture is through his work with the WA Water Corporation; The Swan River Trust; and numerous corporate educational projects such as Woodside’s staff health development and education program.
He also delivers keynote talks on issues such as water efficiency; environmental gardening techniques; sustainable housing and gardening for better health

His work in media is prolific presenting on Garden Gurus, Explore and Delish and working with Gardening Australia and other popular WA TV and radio shows.

Neville has published 7 gardening books and written for national magazines over many years.
In addition to all these activities Neville is a renowned horticultural photographer.
He is a highly respected horticulturist and a champion of Australian horticulture

Golden Wattle Award
Peter Cundall AM  [NOTE: As Peter was unable to attend the AIH Awards, his Golden Wattle Award will be presented to him in October at Melbourne’s Horticultural and Gardening Festival]
The Golden Wattle Award for 2015 is presented to Peter Cundall, AM. Peter is a horticulturist, conservationist, author, teacher, broadcaster and television personality. He was a presenter of the ABC TV program Gardening Australia until 26 July 2008 when at the age of 81 he wished to ‘semi-retire’. Peter continues his radio show from Tasmania. He was awarded a Membership of the Order of Australia in 2007 “for service to the environment and the protection of wilderness areas in Tasmania”. He also received accolade as a presenter of gardening programs on television and radio. He continues to be active in all things environmental, promoting pacifism and assisting war veterans through gardening. As a war veteran of WWII he was interned as a spy by Yugoslavian Tito’s regime and then in Korea. Peter knows too well the effects of war He now works closely with other war veterans who suffer from PSD helping them ‘to dig their emotions into the earth’ finding relief and reward in nurturing the earth and enjoying the produce.
Peter’s horticultural life has spanned 7 decades and all started when In the 50s he moved to Tasmania and started his own gardening and landscaping business designing and constructing gardens in Tasmania. During this period he specialised in landscaping a large number of schools, hospitals, universities, factories, hotels, shopping centres and private gardens in Tasmania and Victoria. He was also an active founding member of the Organic Gardening and Farming Society. In 1967, he started the world’s first gardening talkback program on a Launceston radio station. In 1969, he began presenting a television gardening program for Australia’s national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Commission. This show which was a world first concentrated on the design and construction of new gardens in Tasmania. This show became one of the longest running, most iconic shows in Australia – Gardening Australia. A Churchill Fellowship in 1974 allowed Peter to travel to the United States, Britain and Africa to study organic gardening, landscaping methods, children’s playground design and the presentation of television gardening programs in colour.

Peter is still a strident agitator against activities that threaten the earth – ‘Former Greens leader Bob Brown met Peter at the Franklin River protest 30 years ago and was at the barricades with him at the more recent campaign against Gunns and its pulp mill. “Peter is a great spokesperson for life on the planet,” Brown says. “He has a genuine commitment to people’s lives.” Quoted The Australian January 2015
Appointed Envoy for the Save the Children Fund1994

The Golden Wattle Award will be added to many gongs Peter has received including Australian Humanist of the Year 2006 and Organic Federation of Australia’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007

AIH Certificates of Appreciation 2015

AIH Certificates of Appreciation 2015

AIH Certificates of Appreciation 2015. Photo Paul Plant

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