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British gardeners urge to help save hedgehogs



October 23, 2015

hedgehog-468228_640British gardeners are being urged to help save the hedgehog (one of the cutest animals on the planet) during Wild About Gardens Week 26 Oct-1 Nov 2015, by making some simple changes to their gardens. Tragically there are now less than 1 million hedgehogs the UK, a decline of 30% in the last ten years alone.

Gardeners can help hedgehogs by:

•  cutting small 130mm x 130mm gaps in the bottoms of the fences so they can move about freely
•  stopping the use of snail bait
•  adding some low, dense planting to their gardens
•  planting a native hedge
•  leaving piles of leaves, logs and sticks about this autumn
•  open air composting which provides food sources
•  letting their garden go a little bit wild

Hedgehog street

You can learn more about helping hedgehogs HERE

Hedgehog facts and figures:
Hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30% since 2002
Today there are estimated to be fewer than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK. The main drivers are thought to be: declining hedgerow quality; the over-management of parks and green space; loss of gardens to paving/decking; reduced insect prey from chemical use in gardens and on farmland; loss of grazing land; the fragmentation of land by roads, fencing and increasing density of native predators.
Adult hedgehogs travel between 1-2 kilometres per night over home ranges between 10-30 hectares in size.

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