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Plant Heritage UK approves 4 new plant collections



October 31, 2015

irisUK’s Plant Heritage, a charity which works to conserve unique plant collections and breeding, has approved 4 new National Plant Collections, including iris and correa.


Tall Bearded Iris bred by Byran Dodsworth in Norfolk
Dodsworth produced over 100,000 seedlings but from that only selected 50 cultivars showing superior colour and form, creating a collection of exceptional quality. Since Dodsworth’s death in 2009, his son Simon has been working with the British Iris Society to conserve his collection.

Intermediate iris collected by Sue Applegate in Somerset
Applegate has collected and conserved around 30 of the 60 cultivars bred by John Lloyd during the 1970s, most of which are no longer commercially available. She is relying on donations from gardeners to reassemble the collection.

Deschampsia cespitosa Photo Christian Fischer

Deschampsia cespitosa Photo Christian Fischer

Deschampia growing within the Walled Gardens of Cannington owned by Bridgewater College, Somerset
Deschampia is an ornamental grass found throughout the world with 3 species indigenous to the Britain. Deschampia cespitosa has also had a traditional building use and was found in a thatched roof dating back to 1460.

Correa reflexa 'Marian's Marvel'

Correa reflexa ‘Marian’s Marvel’

Correa collected by Dr Judy Clark in Sussex
Although Correa are native to Australia, they grow well in the UK. Their pretty bell shaped flowers, neat mounding habit and drought tolerance make them ideal plants for a wide variety of situations.

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