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Air Bonsai? Watch it float



February 9, 2016

Air BonsaiAir Bonsai is a new, intriguing and endlessly fascinating way to grow bonsai as it floats in mid air and slowly turns.


Developed by Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden on the island of Kyushu in Japan, the Kickstarter campaign to proceed with its manufacture originally had an $80K goal, but has already raised $664,298, with 3 weeks to go.

Each Air Bonsai will be completely unique. A suitable flowering or foliage plant is planted into a sponge covered by a moss ball and adjusted until it balances over the magnet base, which is how it floats. The plants used by Hoshinchu can be anything from only 2 years old to an extraordinary 25 years old or you will be able to buy the basic kit and choose and plant your own plants. (Watch the video)

There is also a wide range of planters, that include meticulously hand made and decorated ceramics, a process which takes 3 months of shaping, air drying, kiln firing, multiple coats of hand painting and then glaze firing.

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