GardenDrumNew hybrid Verticordia-Chamelaucium

Chamelaucium x Verticordia 'ReyA new intergeneric Australian plant hybrid called ‘Rey’, bred by Nir Nursery in Israel, marries Chamelaucium with Verticordia, and also Western Australian flowers with Israeli science.

The new hybrid was on display earlier this year at IPM Essen. The larger, fuchsia-pink flowers are already a hit with florists for its long vase life and strong stems. It will be grown by Aviv Nurseries’ elite Harmonie growers for cut flower distribution through the Netherlands.

It’s not the first intergeneric hybrid between these two genera, which have been seen naturally and also several bred in Australia, including ‘Eric John’, and ‘Paddy’s Pink’ but it’s the first in this remarkable colour.

More at Nir Nursery

'Rey' bred by Nir Nursery Israel

‘Rey’ bred by Nir Nursery Israel

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