GardenDrumBamboo pest spreads to NSW

Bamboo Leaf Roller identified in NSW. The NGINA has released a notice that the bamboo leaf roller (Crypsiptya coclesalis) has extended its geographic range into New South Wales.

The NSW DPI confirmed it was first detected in NSW in April 2016, with records showing previous detection only in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Bamboo leaf roller, also known as bamboo moth, can cause significant damage to bamboo plants.

Click through to the NSW DPI webpage to access a fact sheet with information about the pest, species it attacks, how it damages the plant, and actions to minimise risk. Please feel free to distribute this information to increase awareness of this insect pest.

As this is an extension of geographic range of a pest already established in Australia, to date the NGINA has not been made aware of any past restrictions surrounding this pest, nor any market access restrictions for NSW.

Bamboo leaf roller insect pest

Image courtesy of NSW Department of Primary Industries.

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