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Bulb peeling time in the Netherlands



July 4, 2016

Bulb peelingBulb peeling time in the Netherlands. Have you ever wondered how bulbs are prepared for their ready-to-buy packets?

Peeling bulbs is very important for the bulb. Summer in the north-east area of the Netherlands, known for its widespread bulb fields, is a busy time for bulb workers. This is when huge numbers of bulbs are dug up from the fields, cleaned, peeled and prepared for export.

At the beginning of summer, the flowers are sold and bulbs are dug up. After they’ve been dug up and brought in to the farm warehouses, the flower bulbs get cleaned and peeled. Peeling bulbs is important to remove baby bulbs, plant remains and other pieces of sand and dirt. The baby bulbs that aren’t yet large enough for sale get replanted.

Lots of seasonal workers, often students, come to work for local growers to clean, sort and peel the flower bulbs. They sit around a conveyor belt, with the bulbs coming by. At the end of the belt someone makes sure all the bulbs end up in a box, bag or crate. It is considered quite a sociable summer-long job.

Flower bulbs

Bulb cleaning


Source and images: fluwel.com


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