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The Watch House open garden



August 23, 2016

The Watch House, Kent UKThe Watch House, a tiny but exquisite garden in Broadstairs (coastal Kent, UK) was open last weekend. Oh my goodness, I wish I could have been there and when you see the video, you’ll know why!

The Watch House, the coastal garden of Dan Cooper, aka The Frustrated Gardener was open with the National Garden Scheme. For those of you in the UK who couldn’t make it, (or the many of us in other parts of the world who grow or lust after these plants), he has shared a video of the Watch House garden, taken the day after its open weekend.

Watch and marvel at the perfection of these plants, as well as their arrangement. It’s a good design lesson to learn – keeping small spaces clear and empty does NOT make them feel bigger – filling them (preferably with plants) makes a small garden feel huge.

The Watch House garden is entirely raised beds and pots as the garden is over a cellar, making it essentially a roof garden. The warm-temperate climate of the Kentish coastal location and the clever choice of dark slate paving which holds and reradiates heat means that Cooper can grow a wide range of frost tender subtropical plants.

So watch the Watch House – and then visit The Frustrated Gardener‘s excellent blog for more information about how this fabulous garden came to be. And I’d subscribe as well, as Dan Cooper is not just a talented plantsman but a good writer to boot.


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