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PhD (HDR) Scholarships at Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment



February 1, 2017

Fancy doing a horticulturally-oriented PhD? Hawkesbury Institute of the Environment (part of Western Sydney University) has a PhD scholarship on offer for 2017 under the new Green Cities Initiative: Urban Planting For A Sustainable Future initiative.

The successful candidate will investigate the potential for urban greening and successful urban planting under future variable climatic/environmental conditions. Applications are open to international candidates as well as Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

The position is based in the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (Richmond, NSW), and will collaborate with the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University and the horticulture industry to achieve key applied outcomes in urban science.

Examples of potential topics may include assessing the performance of urban plantings in different climatic/environmental contexts; testing drought and heatwave susceptibility of novel accessions; understanding the co-benefits of urban plantings.

Closing date is 15 February 2017.

Find out more at Western Sydney University HIE Research

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