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February 23, 2017

UK gardeners, your pests and disease knowledge is needed! The RHS is using an online survey to extend its knowledge of how garden pests and diseases affect gardeners throughout the UK.

Each year the RHS publishes a list of the UK’s top (which means worst) pests and diseases, based on the number of inquiries it has about each. But it doesn’t really go deeply enough into how those pests and diseases affect the way people garden and how they relate to their garden.

By working with the Royal Holloway at the University of London, the RHS hopes that the survey responses will enable scientists to focus their research efforts and develop more effective ways of controlling garden pests and diseases.

Dr Gerard Clover, head of RHS Plant Health says:

“When considering the question of what are the most ‘important’ pests and diseases to commercial horticulture, the focus is on the economic impact, but for gardeners the picture is more complicated.

For domestic gardeners the scope is much broader, ranging from the impact on aesthetics, through the services plants provide (lawns for recreation and hedges for privacy), to the negative impact on the quality of fruit and vegetable crops. It is this very variety that we need to capture to get as full a picture as possible of the challenges facing gardeners.”

The survey runs from February to May 2017, so if you’re a UK gardener, get online now and add to this much-needed database.

Click here for the RHS Pest and Diseases Survey


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