GardenDrumChihuly glows at New York Botanical Garden

Chihuly at the New York Botanical Gardens (Photo Ben Hider)

New York Botanical Garden has a stunning Chihuly glass exhibition until 29 October with large and colourful glass installations across the Garden’s 250 acres.

The exhibition is simply called ‘CHILHULY‘ and covers Dale Chihuly’s work from the 1980s until now, including new installations designed specifically for the Native Plant Garden as well as ‘Neon 206’, ‘Macchia Forest’ and the spectacular ‘Sapphire Star’ near the NYBG entrance.

Leslie Jackson Chihuly, President and CEO of Chihuly Studio say,

“Dale began his journey as an artist more than a half century ago, and he continues to push boundaries and innovate in a variety of media, including paint, sculpture, polyvitro, glass, and neon. He and our team have prepared for this exhibition with the goal of surprising and delighting audiences with exciting new works and installations created specifically for NYBG.”

Chihuly at the New York Botanical Gardens in The Bronx (Photo By Ben Hider)


To make sure the sculptural glass sits perfectly in the gardens, NYBG staff have been growing plants to create the perfect ‘plant picture’ setting for each work. Visitors can learn all about each work using the Bloomberg Philanthropies interactive guide, and also buy a new book on the master of glass, ‘Chihiuly


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