GardenDrumRoyal Botanic Garden Sydney’s ‘Restore and Renew’ project

RESTORE & RENEW is an exciting new project at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney that uses DNA science and an extensive plant database to take the costly guesswork out of ecosystem restoration.

In a world first, scientists at the RBG Sydney will use DNA analysis of plants collected on site to determine which plants are needed to restore damaged and degraded sites, and how to plant them to maximise success. Until this innovation, plants have been selected using educated guesswork with varying results. With many millions of dollars being spent on bush regeneration each year, a more scientific approach could make that money go much much further.

The four main goals of Restore & Renew are:

– Provide maps showing where genetically suitable seed can be collected for restoration projects.
– Give information about how to create genetically diverse plantings for maximum health and longevity.
– Help habitats to be adaptable to climate change.
– Support creation of seed production areas that can be harvested for use in bush regeneration

This project has been assisted by HSBC and the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

The RBG Sydney is looking for donations to help advance its RESTORE & RENEW program – you can donate HERE.


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